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Sunday, 30 May 2010

from the book pages you could do a similair theme to the yellow outlines of the killers tools but with it being medically themed these tools would be more apropriate possibly use for the back side of the sleeve

Saturday, 29 May 2010

blood is a strong theme with alot of horrors it reminds us of our own mortality and is also red as discussed earlier is a strong danger colour or warning with conotations towards danger

a collection of horror book coversutilisng mixed media and typography in a variety of different ways

henry portrait of a serial killer in this first image utilises the colour red as a colour that in western cultures signifies stop or danger layed over an image of the main character this helps to show that the main character is dangerous

Dexter Opening Theme HD Widescreen

the opening credits for dexter are really well done a good play on making everyday objects seem much more than what they are like the way they make shoelaces and dental floss appear to be a garrotte and various other items seem to be more than they are
ok so the year has nearly finished and its time to redress this project to get it back on track firstly im going to look into some themes used for serial killers to go with the murdering surgeon idea then i must develop a sleeve for the book i have purchased for this purpose best get cracking

Monday, 1 March 2010

so i missed the deadline on this project due to other projects but i intend to finish this one off over the next half term